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The Ancient City of Patara & Patara Beach

A place dear to the hearts of the communities in & around Kalkan, Patara is a treasure trove. The perfect place to spend the early hours wandering the ancient Lycian ruins (archaeologists are still uncovering its secrets), before strolling onto the world-famous Patara beach to sunbathe and unwind on the 12km of untouched coastline, with its sand-dunes offering the perfect spot to watch a breath-taking sunset. “voted Top 10 beaches in the world – The Times Online”. Please note: After sunset, the beach is closed to allow for the large turtle population to lay their eggs peacefully.

Kaputas Beach

A 15-minute drive from our place towards Kas and you find this gorgeous bay. Golden sand, azure waters, and Turkish aunties making Gozleme (sweet or savory pancakes) on the beach. Cars arrive early to claim a parking spot at this hidden piece of paradise. There’s a few stairs to take to get to the beach itself from the road, but trust us, it’s entirely worth the journey back up at the end.


Hidden just under the waters around this Turkish island are the ruins of a once great city. Its beauty is mesmerising, and the sight of it sets the imagination running wild. A tranquil place of history, matched with crystal clear water, unspoilt surroundings, and lots of swimming to be done. A great day trip from Kalkan.

Meis – Kastellorizo

Spend the day exploring the tiny Greek island of Meis Kastellorizo, with a population of just 450 people. Bring your passport and hop on the ferry from Kas to enjoy a short cruise over, then explore at your own pace once you land on the island's shores. Stroll through the town's idyllic winding streets, visit a restaurant, relax on the beach, or perhaps take a boat trip to the Blue Cave for a quick swim for a very small fee. The time is yours to fill until the return ferry to Kas later on in the day.

Boat Trips

If you want a day spent closer to Kalkan, we can recommend plenty of fantastic boat trips you can take from the harbour that will take you out to the surrounding bays and tucked away beaches where they stop for you to enjoy a cooling swim and the famous mud baths before serving you lunch on the boat. The boats are decked with large sunbathing mats from bow to stern for you to simply lie back and relax in style, just bring a towel and plenty of sun-screen.

Kalkan Dive Center

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to find out but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Discover Scuba Diving will let you try scuba to see if you like it.
If you are a certified diver, Kalkan Dive Center plans boat dive days as well. Kalkan has at least 14 excellent dive sites including islands, reefs and walls. The visibility at all of the dive sites is usually excellent, often in excess of 25-30m. Water temperatures range from about 18oC in April to 30oC in August. Tidal streams are negligible or very modest.

Saklikent – Hidden City

Saklikent Canyon is the longest and deepest canyon in Turkey and the second largest canyon in Europe, at 18km long and a change in elevation of 1000 meters throughout. It’s magical wandering through it, with plenty of waterfalls, 16 caves to explore, plenty of lunch spots, & if kayaking is your thing, you can journey along its river right to the mouth of the sea – Cay agzi.

The Ancient City of Xanthos - Letoon

Xanthos-Letoon is a remarkable archaeological complex. It represents the most unique architectural example of the ancient Lycian Civilization, one of humanity’s most important civilisations from the Iron Age. The two sites strikingly illustrate the unique combination of the Anatolian, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine civilizations. You will need good walking shoes to explore this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tlos Ruins

A tour guide or a read-up before you go is needed to fully appreciate the historical importance of this ancient city, however even if history isn’t your passion, the sight of the city walls, amphitheatre, public baths and market street all overlooked by the hilltop fortress and Lycian necropolis beneath it are an astonishing sight to behold.